Etnia Barcelona's creations are produced in natural acetate, a material made from cotton that is known for its comfort and malleability. The brand trusts its partners to design and manufacture the entire range of textures and colors for each season. The result is exhaustive control of the process from the start, with the materials, to the end, with the finished product.


Etnia Barcelona also recycles and renews trends from yesteryear for the collections that require them. Mazzucchelli's chromatic charts and Etnia Barcelona's research have produced the materials for the new “vintage”. collection, expanding the resources to create unique and exclusive collections based on its materials.


Etnia Barcelona is devoted to art, culture, travel, fashion. Each collection begins with an open creative process, starting with the materials and above all the color. Trend studies are conducted in several fields of interest (fashion, art) to produce the color palettes for each one of the collections and designs.